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Die Then Grow

Can you say your name to me, put mine after yours? Can we build a house of glass without windows or doors? Will you learn to love yourself the way I know you should? Will we find the courage there to call our friendship good? Call it good, call it good The world is closing [...]


One comes of it, love it, love it Let go of it, love comes from it We’re not of this world for long Faith and promise, keep me honest When starvation falls upon us Daylight told me he would be Gone with cold words spoke among hers Wretched is the tongue of their world We’re [...]

Paul Newman vs. The Demons

You may have to drag me away from my demons Kicking and screaming It’s been so long now, I’ve been with them Don’t know where they stop and I begin We draw a line in the sand Will you cross it? Oh, will you die for this? Got nothing to tell you that you don’t [...]


I come from a place where every name And every face seem so familiar In came Miss Progress in her black dress Look at the mess, she is a killer Much like you and I In every case that’s made There has to be a traitor It’s me this time And I’m trading fun for [...]

A Father’s First Spring

The sweetest surrender of winter She put up a flag it is waving The thunder of summer is rumbling in. And I haven’t seen you in days. And my how that feeling has changed. Oh I have been homesick for you since we met. I have been homesick for you. I’ve got to take to [...]

Down With The Shine

Down with the shine, the perfect shine That poisons the well, and ruins my mind I get took for a ride every time Down with the glistening shine It’s in with the new, and out with the old Out goes the warm, and in comes the cold It’s the most predictable story told It’s in [...]

Through My Prayers

Hard to believe I won’t see you again We were just fighting when winter began The coldness of our words competing with the wind from the north. Still they make me shiver but in a very different way The pages of the calendar kept turning away I have some better words now but it’s too [...]

February Seven

I went on the search for something true I was almost there when I found you Sooner than my fate was wrote A perfect blade, it slit my throat And beads of lust released into the air When I awoke you were standing there I was on the mend when I fell through The sky [...]

I Never Knew You

Well I guess it’s kind of funny how I loved you so way back when You say I wouldn’t know you now Well I didn’t even know you then We change a lot And no one here can stop That train before It gets to where it’s going At all So I guess it’s kind [...]

Pretty Girl From Michigan

Can you not see What you’ve done You gave your heart away like that I didn’t want to fall In love With anyone but you did. I can still hear The song The melody behind the kiss you gave me, You were wrong I was right so I walked away. And left you there, alone, [...]