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Winter In My Heart

It must be winter in my heart There’s nothing warm in there at all I missed the summer and the spring The floating yellow leaves of fall A million colors fill my eyes The roman candles and the stars The calendar says July 4 But it’s still winter in my heart They say flowers bloom [...]

Live and Die

All it will take is just one moment and you can say goodbye to how we had it planned Fear like a habit, run like a rabbit out and away. Through the screen door to the unknown. And I want to love you and more. I want to find you and more. Where do you [...]

The Once and Future Carpenter

I ain’t from Texas, but I made my way from Dallas And I know the lonesome sound is following And I ain’t a gambler, but I can recognize a hand And when to hold, when queens are staring back at me Once I was a carpenter, and man my hands were calloused I could swing [...]

Rain On My Tin Roof

If you could only come by here today Maybe the hours we spend wouldn’t waste us away Like the rain on my tin roof It is a wonderful day to remain Indoors where grey open windows will calmly relate For the rain on my tin roof I know I know that you have to go Back to the place you came from  I miss that look that you have on your face While [...]

Forgiving Me

I’m no angel, and neither are you But you’d be ashamed of me if only you knew All the terrible things I’ve done To you and to me and to everyone I’m no angel, I’m close with my sin But I’ve made the worst mistake and I’ve made it again And I promised myself I’d stop That I would change, but clearly I’m not So I ask the cards [...]

In Your Light

In your light girl, in your light In your light girl, in your light I could turn into a window sill, a daffodil or caterpillar In your light In your room girl, in your room In your room girl, in your room I could face all of my memories, and tell them not to bother me In your room I could be anything I could be almost anything  [...]

Be On My Side

Be on my side Ive only one night to decide to be alright be on my side dont let the wine inside you decide nor sway your mind be on my side I cant describe the war I will fight come morning light be on my side you want to cry but we dont have time so are you mine  now if theres a part of you thats running for me be careful [...]

Healing (continued)

Are there times when you can’t believe the words? That are leaving your mouth Am I making this sound? Is it me behind this scream? Is it me behind this yawn? Are there nights when your body won’t get warm? In the middle of July Though you’re curled up in a fire Is it you behind these lies? Your face a very good disguise Is [...]

About Love

I took my last drink from a half empty glass And laid my tired bones out on the grass My dad says that all things will pass Well at least he’s right about love My boss is a good man he makes lots of rules And he gets so frustrated with all of his tools He said, “My God nothing around here works” Well at least he’s right about [...]

Mama and the Future

Mama, will you still call me your son When I am broken and too tired to run Through a life that knows no direction Down a path I built with my dreams Mama, can you hear my voice in the wind Well I called for you like I did when I was ten Frozen by the copperheads that crowd at my feet Now the snakes are big [...]