Mama and the Future

Mama, will you still call me your son
When I am broken and too tired to run
Through a life that knows no direction
Down a path I built with my dreams

Mama, can you hear my voice in the wind
Well I called for you like I did when I was ten
Frozen by the copperheads that crowd at my feet
Now the snakes are big city streets

Well I am alone
Singing to myself
Hoping no one else
Remembers that I failed
Made nothing of myself
Oh mama, will you care? 

Mama, I can see you’re scared for you son
You can see me burning out when I am done
Reaching high up on my toes
For dreams that won’t come true but that’s how it goes

And I know I am alone
Singing to myself
Hoping no one else
Remembers that I failed
Made nothing of myself
Oh mama, will you care?

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