Timothy Seth Avett as Darling Lyrics

To Make the World Quiet

Snow is falling
the joys of…
the new life, part 1
Heaven’s Windowsill
Rapture and Smoke
a fine melody
the new life, part 2
Walkin’ the Line
The first big snow

Killing the Headlamps

Awaiting the Flood
Brakelights, Part 2: Cheap Rum
Some Bad Dream
for all the times…
The Lights Went Out
the teal dream
Sonata in C Major 1
Bella Donna
Getting Us All
Carolyn Sells

The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell

The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell
This Night Here (Something Like Hope)
I Can’t Remember
a moment of clarity
Intro, Rain, Approach
I Don’t Care Sincerely
Sound of the Season Ending
Ballad in Open D
Mama and the Future
About Love
Healing (continued)
Be On My Side
In Your Light
Forgiving Me
Outro, Rain, Exit
Rain On My Tin Roof