Sound of the Season Ending

My ceiling is just a washed out sky
With dead or dying moths within the¬†light¬
I would lie down happily
And follow them whereever they are going

Is this the worst you’ve ever seen
My head is just a pinball machine
Without any bumpers
To help me keep my thoughts from rolling out

Tell me you can skip the day
And head out with me to the mountains
Theres no need to stay and work
They will get along just fine without you

I have my candles lit
My living room looks like a funeral parlor
My mother says it’s dangerous
But she doesn’t know how far I plan on going

So what good is a loving girl?
If’n she is gone in the morning
Sunlight slides across my floor
I swear to God I wish I’d never met her

I’m not gonna tell a girl
How much she ought to love me
You shouldn’t have to tell someone
You shouldn’t have to tell them what they’re missing

So if you’re out there listening
I don’t want nobody to be sorry
Just help me pray to God above
To send some snow before the season’s over

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