The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell

Do you know me? Well I know you
Just like I know the sun is blue
The grass is orange and the sky is green
and a woman’s heart runs on gasoline

Did you see me? Well I saw you
So late at night that the day was new
And after taking a heavy dose
And the funny thing is my eyes were closed

Wrong as the day is long
As her light swears on
As her “love you” song
Sings to me

When I’m quiet I hear you call
Whispering words I don’t know at all
But if I move closer so I can hear
I know your voice might just disappear

Wrong as the day is long
As her light stays on
As her “love you” song
Sings at me

I’m the mourning
I’m the aching
I’m the color
I’m the fading
I’m the under
I’m the saving
I’m the silver
I’m the bell

Do I know you? Well you know me
Just like you know one and one makes three
And snow flakes fall in the summer breeze
And your money grows from the apple trees

Is this over? Well you tell me
I heard that love lasts eternally
But when I reach over to touch your hair
I realize that there’s noone there

Wrong as the day is long
As her light swears on
As her “love you” song
Sings to me

I’m the mourning
I’m the aching
I’m the cover
I’m the taking
I’m the lover
I’m the killer
I could love her
I could kill her
I’m the keeping
I’m the sending
I’m the sleeping
I’m the bending
I’m the only
I’m the waiting
I’m the knowing
I’m the shaking
I’m the hoping
I’m the changing
I’m the falling
I’m the breaking
I’m the color
I’m the fading
I’m the silver
I’m the bell
I’m the mourning

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