Dancing Daze

I’ve seen the way you deal with things
The trouble that this life will bring
If it gets to you then I can tell by the way you sing
You act like it just doesn’t mean a thing

I see you dancing all your, dancing all your, dancing all your daze
maybe you can tell me how it is you got that way
Dancing all you, dancing all your dancing all your daze
come on come on there’s got to be a way

there’s all these things that get me down
this dirty world is full of clowns
they pick you up just so they can knock you down
laugh at you while your there on the ground

Your dancing all your, dancing all you, dancing all your daze
maybe you can tell me how it is you got that way
Dancing all you, dancing all your dancing all your daze
come on come on there’s got to be a way

I really like the way it feels, I look at you and Its real…

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