Kind of in Love

She’s sweet as the summertime
And strong as the sunshine
And I don’t wanna know her
I let myself down

I’m cold as a winter storm
I’m soft as a briar’s thorn
And I can’t do a thing
To flag my life down

Why do you amaze me?
Why do you amaze me?
Why do you fool me in to thinking
That I’m kind of in love with you?

She’s good as a mystery
A salesman for misery
And I am bankrupt
In debt to my knees

Big brown eyes and curly hair
I wonder if she sees me stare
I can’t say why I’m falling
Babe, please have mercy

(Repeat Chorus)

We sink like a ball and chain
If I knew more than your first name
Those eyes you got can’t fool me
I know how this goes

We wrap ourselves in conversation
You tell lies and try my patience
Bite my tongue in frustration
Oh you slap my face


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