Old Wyom

Well I dreamed of how our life would be, oh yeahLovin’ and a-kissin’ ‘neath an old oak tree, uh huhI’d be singing you a song that was twenty lines longand catching sweet kisses you blow way out in Wyom

I work my day to come home to you, oh yeah
So you can do whatever you wanna do, uh huh
With your big brown eyes and your curly brown hair,
I’m doing the best I can do just to try to not stareMy God, your loveliness

Gotta feelin your man he won’t like the news, oh no
Ain’t gonna like it when he has to choose, oh no
With you could be one and never be apart (?)
I can feel it in my mind I can feel it in my soul in my heartOh baby please come around

Was that your man he’s your fianc�, oh yeah
The one to tie the knot each and every day uh huh
I gotta get up the nerve to pick up the phone
It’s you sweet mama I’m-a gonna carry you back home!Way out to old Wyom

I prob’ly shoulda thought about lettin’ you know, uh huh
If I love you like I do I shoulda told you so, uh huh
Well I think about you each and every day,
It’s just my knees are gettin’ weak when I try to sayOh baby, please be mine

Gotta feelin’ that I’m barkin’ up and empty tree
How could someone so beautiful think about me?
Put my tail between my legs and turn my back
Try on my trusty ramblin’ sack I’m off to old Wyom

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