Once and Future Carpenter

I ain’t from Texas, but I made my way from Dallas
and I know the lonesome sound is following
I ain’t a gambler, but i can recognize and hand
and when to hold, the queens are staring back at me
Once I was a carpenter, man my hands were calloused
I could swing a metal mallet sure and straight
But I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry
and i left the timbers where they lay

Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me
and when i lose my direction I’ll look up to the sky
and when the black cloak drags upon the ground
I’ll be ready to surrender, and remember
well we’re all in this together
If I live the life I’m given, I wont be scared to die

And I don’t come from Detroit, but her diesel motors pull me
and i followed till I finally lost my way
And now i spend my days in search of a woman we called purpose
And if i ever pass back through her town I’ll stay


And my life is but a coin, pulled from an empty pocket
Dropped into a slot with dreams of sevens close behind
And hope and fear go with it, and moon and the sun go spinning
Like the numbers and fruits before my eye

Sometimes I hit, sometimes it robs me blind
Sometimes I hit, sometimes it robs me blind


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