One Line Wonder

I love you but I cant remember why
Stars fallen from a half forgotten sky
I was a one line wonder in my own love song

I keep a little journal by my bed
Dreams help me find the words I haven’t said
Like when a little girlie said goodbye to me

From behind a screen door
I won’t see her again, I’m sure
Didn’t I say I need you?
I tried to move on but I can’t
I tried to think of bad times
Good memories are all I have.

I love you but I can’t remember why
I’d love to find a reason to deny
I was a one-hit wonder in my own hometown

And I guess I might have made a few mistakes
But maybe that’s exactly what it takes
To get a little happy in this big sad world

How many have you made
And which of those have you laid on down to die
Well didn’t I say I need you
I tried to move on but I can’t
I tried to think of bad times
Good memories are all I have

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