Swept Away

Well you send my life a whirling
darling when you’re twirling
on the floor

Who cares about tomorrow
What more is tomorrow
than another day

When you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away

I see the end of the rainbow
but what more is a rainbow
than colors out of reach?
If you come down to my
window, and I climb out my
window, then we’ll get out of
reach, and you swept me away

You said with such honest feeling
but what’d you really mean when
you said that I’m your man

Well how my darling can it be
when you have never seen me
and you never will again
that you swept me away

Life is ever changing
but I will always find
a constant and comfort in your love

With your heart my soul is bound
and as we dance I know that
heaven can be found

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