The Greatest Sum (electric)

This and who I used to be,
Don’t matter much at all to me,
The pit you dug to plant your feet,
Is a far cry from my destiny 

Not even the clouds,
Not even the past,
Not even the hands of God could hold me  back from you.
Dark and lonely is the ride,
The devil always by my side,
Though no match for what lies between,
the thought of you, your trust for me.

Not even the sun,
A bullet from a gun,
No nothing that this world could bring,
or anything someone could do, Could hold me back from you.
No count of gold placed in my hand, the largest find,
The greatest sum,
Though some would say it’d ase our pain
We know that it can’t be done.

Not even the sun,
Not even the clouds,
Not even the past,
No nothing that this world could bring,
or anything someone could do, Could hold me back from you,
Could hold me back from you,
Could hold me back from you.

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