Be loud let your colors show
try to keep the madness low
if they hear and its wrong
and they come with torches on
yeah come on

Be loud let your colors show
Try to keep the madness low
I tell them no with my hand
Make them understand the plan of it
Bright and gone

And I’m done forever
its you and me forever
Cause I’m done forever
its you and me forever

Be loud let the others know
First a whisper then it grows
I tell them go with my hands
Make them understand the last of it
Yeah come on, pain and all

Leave out pack your things and go
Leave the baby makers home
There’s a time (now) and a place (now)
Someone built to take the race
When it calls you go head down

Head down don’t you make a sound
Keep your plans all to yourself
They’ll come true they follow you
They’re what you’re obligated to
Don’t you listen to nobody else

And I’m done forever
It’s you and me forever
Cause I’m done forever
See it’s you and me forever

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