Distraction 74

I was in love with your beauty
from the day you walked my way
oh how I wish that was enough to
have made me want to stay

see I’m as true as I try to be,
and I must say my girl
I tried the best to give to you
all of the truest in the world

but when I left your house that morning
in that ragged thunderbird
tried my best to fight the voices
from the devils that i heard

see there’s a highway
to the right of us
I took it years ago
and since a year ago,
can’t drive past,
without turning down that road

and I knew it,
I never should have turned the wheel
and I knew it,
the voices calling me weren’t real
I knew it
listen to the ? man say
I knew I was wrong

so give me a try at describing
just how difficult it is
to kinda love two girls and figure out
which one you miss

to stumble away
from your staircase with your perfume on my clothes
I kinda loved two girls but now I kinda lost ‘em both
repeat chorus

And if I could gather up the damage that I’ve rendered in my life
Put it on a scale and weigh against the damage done that night
Then it’d be safe to say the weight of all I did and didn’t do
Would surly float against the lightest wrong I ever did to you

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