Letter to a Pretty Girl

Hey hey Carla
It’s a long way to Missouri
From this highway
East of Roanoke
We had a moment
That felt like summer
Now in slumber
I can see your smile
We drive for miles
Through corporate Ohio
Rest stops in West Virginia
Traffic in Washington DC

But of all the beauty that I’ve seen
Played out this window to the left of me
The thought of you it shines
The band plays on, I keep the time

We play in the night time
Awake before sunrise
Wipe the sleep from my eyes
Coffee my best friend
You dance between classes
Complete difficult assignments
Wonder where the time went
Out drinking with your friends

We see a lot of beauty
Some becomes ordinary
Mountains, and canyons, and prairies
Sunset over Chesapeake Bay
Dear, dear Carla
It’s only that I’m askin’
Make time more easy for the passin’
If I knew I would see you again

Of all the beauty that I see
Out this window to the left of me
The thought of you it shines
The band plays on, I keep the time
The time is marked, between the lines
Hmmm… I keep the time

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