Please Pardon Yourself

As I turn my head to your side of the bed
Why are you awake whats on your mind
To this awful news try not to hold on
Day will come the sun will rise and we’ll be fine

As long as I feel as strong as I feel
I will carry you as long as I can
As hard on yourself please pardon yourself
Do the best you can that wont go unseen

How do I know when it’s time to stop
Running from the things I do
Being things I’m not
Oh I have tried but I just changed my mind
Every night that falls every morning light

How do I know that you will never stop
Knowing me and trusting me
Loving me a lot
Oh I have tried but I just changed my mind
Every night that falls every morning light

There’s only so many ways
You can give your loving to me
But I’d give my soul for just one of them now
I’d give up the drinking just tell me how

And there’s only so many years
I can give my loving to you
But I spent the last one hidden away
Screaming my lungs out, nothing to say

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