Love Like The Movies

So you want to be in love like the movies?
But in the movies they’re not in love at all
With a twinkle in their eyes
They’re just sayin their lines
So we can’t be in love like the movies

Now in the movies, they make it look so perfect
And in the background they’re always playing the right song
And in the ending there’s always a resolution
But real life is more than just two hours long


Well you can freeze frame any moment from a movie
Or run the whole damn thing backwards from reel to reel
But I don’t see one single solitary lie technician
Or one single camera in this moonlit field
I don’t want to be in love like the movies
Cuz in the movies they’re not in love at all
With a twinkle in their eyes
They’re just saying their lines
So we can’t be in love like the movies

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