Sorry Man

Your momma doesn’t like me, she thinks I’m a sorry man
when she tells her friends about me, she says I’m a sorry man
And she asks you each day, why would you stay with a sorry man
Well I was doin’ my best, just to impress, still a sorry man

But I’ve got news for your mom
I’m the best she ever saw
No one could love her daughter like I do

your momma told your father, she I’m a sorry man
so he told me not to ever, come back here again
so I told your dear old daddy, that he could not keep us apart
Because it’s you and not your parents, who can break my heart

But I’ve got news for your parents, I’m the best she ever saw
no one could love your daughter like I do

Well I tried to tell your mother, but I did not want to fight
Will they be the same tomorrow, so we’re leaving here tonight
Tomorrow they’ll be waking, to a sad sorry dawn
And then they’ll be sorry, when they see that your gone

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